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KBI Jump Starters

Jump Starters

Unlike ordinary battery powered jump start devices, KBI's patented line of KrankingKART's use ultracapacitors (a.k.a. supercapacitors) to provide reliable maintenance free jump-starts.

KrankingKART jump starter advantages
  • Approximately 1,000,000 cycles.
  • Virtually unaffected by temperatures.
  • 100% Recharge in 90 seconds or less.
  • Contains no batteries to maintain or replace.
  • Up to 3000 amps available for jump starting.
  • 12 Volt, 24 Volt, or 12 & 24 Volt Combination.
  • Never needs to be plugged into an A/C outlet to recharge.
  • Light weight.
  • Rugged design.
  • Patented design.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Built in safe guards.
  • Easily maneuverable.
  • Custom models available.
  • Truck Fleets, Agriculture, Construction, Transit, Military, Industrial, Auto Dealerships, Parking Garages, Auto Rental, Airports

KrankingKART Mini Jump Start Device

KrankingKART Mini

KrankingKART Jr. HD Jump Start Device

KrankingKART Jr. HD

12V & 24V KrankingKART Jump Start Device


KrankingKART Jr. Jump Start Device

KrankingKART Jr.