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Welcome To Kold Ban International

Kold-Ban International, Ltd. is a small privately held company that is located in a northwestern suburb of Chicago. KBi ® is a registered trademark and acronym for Kold-Ban International. For the past 30 years of KBi's operation, KBi has been the leader in developing and refining the high pressure starting fluid (ether) injection systems for cold starting diesel engines. KBi has qualified for several OEM Quality Standards and has used SPC with "Zero" defects in its' manufacturing operation for many years.

With a commitment to research and extensive testing in KBi's own "Cold Room" laboratory, KBi developed the patented fully automatic turnkey starting fluid system ...the "DIESELMATIC®". The DIESELMATIC System is the Starting Fluid System that is most widely associated with KBi. The KBi DIESELMATIC System has proven itself for approximately 20 years and is now the system of choice for many truck fleets. Over 750,000 DIESELMATIC Systems are successfully operating on vehicles throughout the world today.

KBi also developed a microprocessor-controlled starting fluid system ...the DIESELMATIC EC®. The DIESELMATIC EC was developed for use with electronic engines to aid in fail safe staring, idle control, emission control, and for use with certain alternate fuels.

The DIESELMATIC NVT™ is KBi's most recent development regarding high pressure starting fluid injection systems. The DIESELMATIC NVT is specifically designed to be controlled through the new generation of ECM (electronic control module) engines by plugging directly into the "Starting Fluid" port on an engine's ECM - no separate interface is required. By allowing the ECM to control the activation of the starting fluid into the engine, a more precise delivery of starting fluid can be achieved.

To help KBi's customers alleviate any concerns on the proper disposal of Starting Fluid (ether) Cylinders, KBi offers a recycling program for empty or used starting fluid cylinders. This recycling program applies only to DOT39NRC Starting Fluid Cylinders.

KBi's leadership position, commitment to research, extensive testing, and operation of an on-site "Cold Room" laboratory brought to KBi an inquiry from a leading developer of patented high energy capacitor discharge devices (ultra, a.k.a. ultrcapacitor). KBi has evaluated and tested these capacitors for cranking at a variety of temperatures ranging from moderate to very cold. KBi's evaluation and subsequent cold room and field testing applications of these capacitors achieved repeatable successful starting on a variety of diesel engines. These ultracapacitors are currently using the KBi trademark KAPower®. KBi is very optimistic that KAPower technology will become the standard for engine starting requirements.

The KAPower has also been incorporated into the portable KBi KrankingKART®, a professional jump-start unit. By utilizing super capacitor technology, KrankingKART never needs access to NC power; charges from a cranking battery (even the rundown battery it is jumping); and fully recharges itself from the just started vehicles' battery in less than 30 seconds.

As long as there is a need for compression-ignition engines, there will be a need for a cold starting aid. Fully automatic turnkey ether-based starting fluid systems are by far the most effective and certainly the least expensive of any cold starting aid available today. Starting an engine also requires a cranking (power) device. KBi believes that the KAPower device will prove to be better than traditional lead-acid batteries for cranking; these devices (KAPower) are proving to be more reliable, longer lasting, and less costly to use over the long term. KBi believes that these technologies will offer the best and most cost effective approaches to engine starting for both the military and commercial fleet manager.

Virtual Patent Markings

The following KBi products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. In accordance with U.S. Patent Statute 35 U.S.C. 287 (a), the following products are protected by patents. If a product is not listed check the products packaging, or instruction manual. Additional patents may be pending in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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Part Numbers


Ether valves, and Systems.

20095-20849, 21142-22501, 24001-24049, 26506, 212000-212600, 224000-224100, 224600, 274600 ,300062-300065, 301765-301768D, 312000-324900, 34001- 41104, 412000-412908, 41500-42114, 424000-424621, 42500-45700, 432000, 432600, 474021, 474600, 474602, 500000, 500001, 500002, 500250, 500251, 500500, 500501, 500750-500753, 501000-501392, 502000-502600, 503000, 505000-505011, 610100, 610300, 610500, 610800, 610900, 61094, 61194, 91196, 612000-612900, 61480-62279, 624000-624800, 624900, 62482-63002, 64001-65003, 72000, 73105, 73110, 73400, 73401, 73700, 75105, 75110, 75400, 75401, 75700, 80152, 80253, 80254, 80554, 80756, 84002, 900000-900013, 90153, 90255, 90600, 90849, DM II 120000-DM II 120005, DM II 12V, DM II 240000-DM II 240005, DM II 24V, DM12000, DM12001, DM24000-DM24002, DMII24SH001, DMII24V-S, DS II 120001, DS II 240002, DS12000, DS24000-DS24002, HP 1365, HP1357, K20000, K21020, K22050, K35011, K42050, K45011, K55011, KP II 120000-KP II 120003, KP II 12V, KP II 240000-KP II 240004, KP II 24V, KP12000, KP12001, KP24000, L10 COMBO, NVT12DF0000-NVT12SH0000, NVT24DF0000-NVT24SX4001.


Ether valve China

NVT12DF0000-NVT12SH0000, NVT24DF0000-NVT24SX4001.

6,242,887, 6,819,010, 6,362,595, 6,888,266, 2,375,717, 6,871,625 ,6,988,476, 7,134,415, 7,198,016, 8,820,287, 6,988,475, PATENT PENDING- PLC Models.

Supercapacitor / Ultracapacitor Products

500818-120, 500818-70, 500819, 570000, 570001, 570002, 570003, 570004, 571000- 571006, 700000-700029, 702000-702007R, 703000-703006, 800001-800099, KBI800030-KBi800099, KSM0120012, KSM020012, KSM020074001, KSM030012-KSM03002499, KSM050012-KSM05002499, KSM10-6-12-2400, KSM061200-KSM061299, KSM101200-KSM101299, KSM102400-KSM102499, KSM12400-KSM122499, KSM200012