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Patented Design Makes The DIESELMATIC Unique

Dieselmatic KitThe DIESELMATIC is a automatic starting fluid system. It system's engine temperature sensor (ETS) switch determines when the system should function. When needed, the solenoid valve is activated automatically during engine cranking, then starting fluid (ether) is released from the high pressure fluid cylinder. The ether flows through the valve, through the patented BLOCKOR vaporizing fitting, through the nylon tubing, and out of an injector nozzle located in the engines air intake system. A reservoir in the valve maintains a flow of starting fluid after cranking to prevent the just started engine from faltering or dying. As a result, "White Smoke" from unburned fuel is greatly decreased.



DIESELMATIC Gets Your Diesels Started at -50F and Below

Temperature Guage The DIESELMATIC delivers a precise amount of starting fluid directly into the engine's intake system. Initial cranking time is reduced. A flow of starting fluid continues for a short time to get all cylinders firing evenly.

Fully Automatic

Turn KeyThe DIESELMATIC operates only when the key is turned to START position and the cranking motor is engaged. Operator involvement is totally eliminated. An engine temperature sensor (ETS) prevents the system from supplying fluid to a warm engine.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Battery and StarterShorter cranking of cold engines extends battery and cranking motor life. Oil does not flow in a cold engine during cranking; faster starts help prevent cylinder scoring and bearing damage.

Eliminates Unnecessary Idling

TruckOne year's worth of unnecessary idling is the equivalent to 60,000 miles according to a recent Argonne National Laboratory Study. Rely on DIESELMATIC & KOMPAC to get you fuel and reduce engine wear.


CoinsThe DIESELMATIC is the practical way to get diesels started at temperatures as cold as -50 F and below. Eliminating one "No-Start" typically pays for the DIESELMATIC. After that, a once-a-year fluid cylinder change is all that is required.

System Diagram

Dieselmatic Diagram

Part Numbers


Please call or Email KBi for additional DIESELMATIC part numbers.
Be sure to include engine size in Liters or CID and 12 or 24 Volt.