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Ether Cylinders

Technical Data

KBi Ether Cylinders are the only dome shaped ether cylinders available. This unique patented design (U.S. patent # D411,557) ensures that your are receiving the highest quality ether cylinder available.

Dirt and Moisture Seal

KBi Ether Cylinders have a unique dirt and moisture seal. This "O" Ring protects the valve from accumulating dirt and moisture that would otherwise cause the valve to become clogged and nonfunctional. In addition, the "O" Ring seal provides for easier removal and installation of a new ether cylinder by preventing the ether cylinder from "welding" to the valve.

Protective Cap & Valve Gasket

As well as the dirt and moisture seal KBi Ether Cylinders come with a protective cap and replacement valve gasket. The protective cap protects the ether cylinder threads from damage and dirt while storing or shipping. The valve gasket insures a proper seal when the new ether cylinder is threaded onto a non NVT valve. This seal is essential for keeping starting fluid (ether) from leaking while the ether cylinder is mounted to a non NVT valve. Thus, be sure to always use the new valve gasket when replacing ether cylinders. Note: NVT valves do not use a valve gasket. As a result, do not install the removable valve gasket when replacing NVT ether cylinders.


Transport Canada Certification

All KBi Ether Cylinders are Transport Canada Certified...............