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KBi RecyclingCylinder Recycling

Cylinder RecyclingWith so much emphasis on the environment and the possible impact that hazardous material may have on it, KBi has taken the lead in providing their current and future customers with a quick and effective means for recycling their used ether cylinders. This program was developed to help KBi's customers alleviate any concerns on the proper disposal of ether cylinders. KBi provides all of the proper documents and procedures needed.

Recycling Costs

There are no processing fees assessed for recycling Ether Cylinders when an order is placed for an equal number of KBi Brand Ether Cylinders or a "Proof of Purchase" (invoice showing purchase of an equal number of KBi Brand Ether Cylinders), is provided. Without purchasing an equal number of KBi Brand Ether Cylinders (or "Proof of Purchase"), a recycling charge per ether cylinder will be assessed. Call KBi at (800) 527-8278 for more information on recycling of Ether Cylinders. All Ether Cylinders must be shipped to KBi freight prepaid.


Call KBi at (800) 527-8278, for a Return Authorization Number. KBi will then provide a packet of labels and documents for the shipment of the "USED" Ether Cylinders. If at all possible, use the same case cartons in which the new Ether Cylinders were originally shipped. No Ether Cylinders will be accepted by KBi without a Return Authorization Number.


KBi's Ether Cylinder Recycling Program applies only to DOT39NRC Ether Cylinders. KBi will accept competitive brands of Ether Cylinders for recycling. High-pressure cylinders that are not Ether Cylinders will NOT be accepted by KBi for recycling.