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Ether Systems
KBI GlobeKBi manufactures several types of ether systems; patented fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, and manual based ether systems. Each type of ether system is available for a wide range of applications. These applications include; trucking, mass transit, construction, agriculture, locomotives, utilities, generators, snow removal, and military. In addition, KBi's ether systems are authorized for Original Equipment Installation by major engine manufactures.

DieselmaticKBi's most widely used ether systems are the patented fully automatic systems. The patented fully automatic systems are known as the DIESELMATIC systems. The DIESELMATIC systems are designed to spray a controlled amount of starting fluid into the air intake system during and immediately after cranking.

Dieselmatic NVT

Dieselmatic NVTThe DIESELMATIC NVT's patented system is specially designed to be compatible with the new generation of ECM engines (with ether logic). The low current feature allows a direct connection into the "Starting Fluid" port on the engine's Electronic Control Module, no separate interface is required.

Diesel Start

Diesel StartThe manual based ether systems are the DIESEL START systems. DIESEL START systems work when an operator presses and releases a system button on the vehicle dashboard. Pressing the button activates the system and releases ether into a "measured shot" area of the system valve. After releasing the button, the "measured shot", then is released from the valve to an atomizer located in the engine air intake system.