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Diesel Start KitKBi DIESEL START is a measured shot, metered flow, operator controlled high pressure starting fluid system. With a DIESEL START system, a chambered valve controls the quantity of starting fluid injected with each activation while an orifice in a nozzle restricts the rate of flow to a safe, effective rate. Operation of a DIESEL START, measured shot metered flow system requires an operator to press and release an electric push button switch or pull and release a control cable while an engine is being cranked. With the electric system, a temperature sensitive switch may be installed (KBi Thermo-Guard), which makes the starting fluid system inoperative on a warm engine, preventing potentially damaging injection of starting fluid.

For engines over 18.03 liters (1100 CID), a KBi DIESELMATIC system is recommended.

Advantages of the KBi DIESEL START

  • Safe effective starting to temperatures of 0F (-18C). For colder temperature use KBI's fully automatic DIESELMATIC system.
  • Simple one-man operation from the cab.
  • Controlled metered flow, which prevents ether lockup or over speeding of the engine.

System Diagram

Diesel Start Diagram

Part Numbers

Please call or Email KBi for DIESEL START part numbers.
Be sure to include engine size in Liters or CID and 12 or 24 Volt.